Effective Ways To Collect Donation Funds

Effective Ways To Collect Donation Funds – Donations are now easier nowadays. Many ways you can do to collect donations. Collecting donations by asking directly without reciprocity is sometimes less desirable because people’s trust in the way has begun to fade.

Effective Ways To Collect Donation Funds

Therefore to raise funds, you must be more creative so that donors can trust and not feel cheated. The following are the most effective ways to raise donations:

Hold Bazzar

Holding a bazzar for a fundraiser is quite a very effective way. You as the organizer can ask for the help of many people to collect items that can be voluntarily donated to be sold at the bazzar. The more goods collected, the more donations will be. The funds obtained from the sale of goods during the bazzar can be used so that donations in the form of money and goods are useful for people in need.

Hold a religious or cultural activity

Organizing a religious or cultural activity can also be an effective way to raise donations. For example, by holding an art performance such as poetry, dance, songs or it could be by performing a recitation of the Koran. The show will bring in a lot of visitors so that at the end of the event you can do a fundraiser.


Advertising has also become one of the best choices for those of you who want to raise funds. You can place advertisements in various media by including the purpose of collecting these funds.

Ask for help to an institution

To request fundraising assistance from an institution does have a fairly formal procedure such as submitting a proposal for a request for donations. In this proposal you are required to specify the budget required for donations, the rights and obligations of both parties, and the donation mechanism. If you want to hold a donation event by inviting the institution to participate, you can give an attractive offer to the institution or company so they both have the advantage.

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