Some Rich People Who Donate Funds Up to Trillions

Some Rich People Who Donate Funds Up to Trillions -To be rich and successful is one of everyone’s desires, but it’s not just a dream you want to be rich but do nothing.

And if you become a rich person or billionaire what would you do, whether to spree – spree or use your personal wealth.

Or your property to help or donate your property to people who can not afford, if you do that means you are a generous person.

Because you believe that if the treasure cannot be under death, therefore you donate your wealth to the charity or to people who can not afford.

Some Rich People Who Donate Funds Up to Trillions

There are some people who have become millionaires or the title of the richest people, not making these people squander their wealth.

In fact, these billionaires donate their wealth to donations, who are the people;

Paul Allen
Paul allen donated his money of US $ 2 billion, or about Rp.27.22 trillion, to charity including donating US $ 100 million to combat the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.

Sara Blakely
Sara Blakely donated US $ 1 million or around Rp. 13.61 billion to Oprah Winfrey’s women’s school in South Africa.

The next few rich people

Warren Buffet
Warren Buffet donated US $ 21.5 billion for charity.

Bill and Melinda Gates
This former rich man donated US $ 27 billion. for diseases such as polio and tuberculosis.

Azim Premji
Azim Premji donated US $ 8 billion or around Rp 108.90 trillion, for teacher training and computer programs.

Mark Zuckerberg and Pricilla
The youngest rich person in the world donated US $ 1.6 billion, or around Rp. 21.78 trillion, to build a San Francisco public hospital.

With a large amount of donations and donations, these billionaires can be considered human heroes.

Without having to be a billionaire, you can be a philanthropist and a hero to others.

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