Some Must Be Done by Donation Holders

Some Must Be Done by Donation Holders – Indonesia is currently being hit by several natural disasters from January last month,
The momentum is widely used by almost all people and public figures to raise funds to help victims of disasters.

And if you become the money bearer of the disaster donation,
Surely in your heart feels uncomfortable for fear that the money is lost or used?
There is another way besides putting your donation money in the bank.

Quoted from several social media or news media about tips given by a community about Financial Planners from Education Plan Partners so that people can be careful in providing sympathy and empathy through fund transfer.

Some Must Be Done by Donation Holders

What do you have to do to keep the donation money in your hands? check

Pay close attention to the scope of fundraising

A community gave an explanation that anyone could manage the disaster fund if the scope was only the closest people who were not up to 20 people.
For example fundraising consisting of relatives or friends of the game.
If it’s informal, it’s okay to use a personal account. It’s only close people who are familiar.

Form of Organization

Raising large scale donation funds, besides opening a special account, it helps you also form a management team or organization.
The organization can be a foundation.
The goal is that not only you are responsible if something bad happens.

Create a disaster account mutation report every day

After an organization consisting of a chairman, a secretary,
A treasurer has been formed, another thing you need to do is check the movement of money into the account.
All financial transfers, both in and out, must be printed every day.

Donations must go to the right person

For people who do the fundraising, sometimes if the money has been collected,
They will do the distribution to residents affected by the disaster,
Sometimes there are unscrupulous individuals among the organizations.

Where the form of assistance is not given to citizens who have the right to receive it, instead,
It is given to the family members themselves who are prioritized, which should be prioritized are residents who are affected by disasters first,
If there is more then it is permissible for families or people we know.

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