Donate from online gambling agents for flood victims

Donate from online gambling agents for flood victims – Online Gambling Agencies Give Donations to Residents Affected by Disasters – In 2020 in January there were many flooding disasters in the country +62 where many residents were affected by this flood, not only houses were flooded but also many vehicles were washed away due to this disaster . And not only that, it turns out there are also victims that occur because of being swept away by this annual flood.

Although often flooding but not as bad as it is today, with the flood all vehicle access stops, not only in the villages affected by floods but on the highway or in the middle of the city are also many affected by this flood. Dozens of houses were destroyed by this flood and many residents affected by skin diseases and others caused by water that is so overflowing.

Donate from online gambling agents for flood victims

With the disaster everywhere many groups of people help each other for people affected by the disaster, such as donating food, clothing, medicines and others for people affected by the disaster. And there are also many people who donate money to help others, such as one of the online gambling agents who provide assistance of 500 million for the flood disaster victims.

Thanks to the help of online gambling agents, many residents whose needs are guaranteed, not only that many citizens can also donate staple food from online gambling agents, with the care of online gambling agents for disaster victims, many agent agents who take part do as online gambling agents do.

Help donate by playing online gambling

For those of you who want to help disaster victims you can make a donation through our personal website, and if you play a gambling game at our agent you can give a little of your victory to the victims affected by the flood, your little money is hapan for them.

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