Fundraising Sites Are One Of Online Gambling Sites

Fundraising Sites Are One Of Online Gambling Sites – At present there are many fundraising sites for victims affected by the disaster that occurred in the regions. With this fundraising site, people who need help can be directly fulfilled. And usually the government provides assistance to residents affected by the disaster, but usually the government must wait from the boss first when and what time the reinforcements were carried out.

Fundraising Sites Are One Of Online Gambling Sites

But with fundraising from the usual sites, when there is a disaster the administrators will immediately fly and help the victims affected by the disaster. And usually there are funds in the form of groceries, clothes, money, medicines and others needed for people affected by the disaster.

Some fundraising sites

Below are several fundraising sites that you can visit, one of them from online gambling agents:

1. Kitabisa – Kitabisa can be regarded as one of the first crowdfunding websites in Indonesia. This site was founded in 2013 and provides online platforms and technologies for individuals, communities, organizations and companies who want to raise funds and donate.

2. SharingHappiness – SharingHappiness is an online donation and fundraising platform. SharingHappiness provides a platform for social project makers both personal and organizational to present ideas. This platform is connected all over the world so that more people can share happiness.

3. Collage – is the first online music joint venture site in Indonesia, under PT Kirai Adiwarna Nusantara (Kawan Indonesia). Collage comes as a solution to the various concerns felt by musicians and music industry players in Indonesia so far. On this platform, you can choose several categories of raising, such as albums, live events, concerts, and charity. For more information you can see on the site

4. Online Gambling Sharing – is an online donation platform initiated from a group of people who have the desire to be a part of making Indonesia better. Indorelawan has a mission to make collaboration between volunteers and the community with gamblers easier.

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