Fundraising Sites Are One Of Online Gambling Sites

Fundraising Sites Are One Of Online Gambling Sites – At present there are many fundraising sites for victims affected by the disaster that occurred in the regions. With this fundraising site, people who need help can be directly fulfilled. And usually the government provides assistance to residents affected by the disaster, but usually the government must wait from the boss first when and what time the reinforcements were carried out.

Fundraising Sites Are One Of Online Gambling Sites

But with fundraising from the usual sites, when there is a disaster the administrators will immediately fly and help the victims affected by the disaster. And usually there are funds in the form of groceries, clothes, money, medicines and others needed for people affected by the disaster.

Some fundraising sites

Below are several fundraising sites that you can visit, one of them from online gambling agents:

1. Kitabisa – Kitabisa can be regarded as one of the first crowdfunding websites in Indonesia. This site was founded in 2013 and provides online platforms and technologies for individuals, communities, organizations and companies who want to raise funds and donate.

2. SharingHappiness – SharingHappiness is an online donation and fundraising platform. SharingHappiness provides a platform for social project makers both personal and organizational to present ideas. This platform is connected all over the world so that more people can share happiness.

3. Collage – is the first online music joint venture site in Indonesia, under PT Kirai Adiwarna Nusantara (Kawan Indonesia). Collage comes as a solution to the various concerns felt by musicians and music industry players in Indonesia so far. On this platform, you can choose several categories of raising, such as albums, live events, concerts, and charity. For more information you can see on the site

4. Online Gambling Sharing – is an online donation platform initiated from a group of people who have the desire to be a part of making Indonesia better. Indorelawan has a mission to make collaboration between volunteers and the community with gamblers easier.

Donate from online gambling agents for flood victims

Donate from online gambling agents for flood victims – Online Gambling Agencies Give Donations to Residents Affected by Disasters – In 2020 in January there were many flooding disasters in the country +62 where many residents were affected by this flood, not only houses were flooded but also many vehicles were washed away due to this disaster . And not only that, it turns out there are also victims that occur because of being swept away by this annual flood.

Although often flooding but not as bad as it is today, with the flood all vehicle access stops, not only in the villages affected by floods but on the highway or in the middle of the city are also many affected by this flood. Dozens of houses were destroyed by this flood and many residents affected by skin diseases and others caused by water that is so overflowing.

Donate from online gambling agents for flood victims

With the disaster everywhere many groups of people help each other for people affected by the disaster, such as donating food, clothing, medicines and others for people affected by the disaster. And there are also many people who donate money to help others, such as one of the online gambling agents who provide assistance of 500 million for the flood disaster victims.

Thanks to the help of online gambling agents, many residents whose needs are guaranteed, not only that many citizens can also donate staple food from online gambling agents, with the care of online gambling agents for disaster victims, many agent agents who take part do as online gambling agents do.

Help donate by playing online gambling

For those of you who want to help disaster victims you can make a donation through our personal website, and if you play a gambling game at our agent you can give a little of your victory to the victims affected by the flood, your little money is hapan for them.

Some Must Be Done by Donation Holders

Some Must Be Done by Donation Holders – Indonesia is currently being hit by several natural disasters from January last month,
The momentum is widely used by almost all people and public figures to raise funds to help victims of disasters.

And if you become the money bearer of the disaster donation,
Surely in your heart feels uncomfortable for fear that the money is lost or used?
There is another way besides putting your donation money in the bank.

Quoted from several social media or news media about tips given by a community about Financial Planners from Education Plan Partners so that people can be careful in providing sympathy and empathy through fund transfer.

Some Must Be Done by Donation Holders

What do you have to do to keep the donation money in your hands? check

Pay close attention to the scope of fundraising

A community gave an explanation that anyone could manage the disaster fund if the scope was only the closest people who were not up to 20 people.
For example fundraising consisting of relatives or friends of the game.
If it’s informal, it’s okay to use a personal account. It’s only close people who are familiar.

Form of Organization

Raising large scale donation funds, besides opening a special account, it helps you also form a management team or organization.
The organization can be a foundation.
The goal is that not only you are responsible if something bad happens.

Create a disaster account mutation report every day

After an organization consisting of a chairman, a secretary,
A treasurer has been formed, another thing you need to do is check the movement of money into the account.
All financial transfers, both in and out, must be printed every day.

Donations must go to the right person

For people who do the fundraising, sometimes if the money has been collected,
They will do the distribution to residents affected by the disaster,
Sometimes there are unscrupulous individuals among the organizations.

Where the form of assistance is not given to citizens who have the right to receive it, instead,
It is given to the family members themselves who are prioritized, which should be prioritized are residents who are affected by disasters first,
If there is more then it is permissible for families or people we know.

Some Rich People Who Donate Funds Up to Trillions

Some Rich People Who Donate Funds Up to Trillions -To be rich and successful is one of everyone’s desires, but it’s not just a dream you want to be rich but do nothing.

And if you become a rich person or billionaire what would you do, whether to spree – spree or use your personal wealth.

Or your property to help or donate your property to people who can not afford, if you do that means you are a generous person.

Because you believe that if the treasure cannot be under death, therefore you donate your wealth to the charity or to people who can not afford.

Some Rich People Who Donate Funds Up to Trillions

There are some people who have become millionaires or the title of the richest people, not making these people squander their wealth.

In fact, these billionaires donate their wealth to donations, who are the people;

Paul Allen
Paul allen donated his money of US $ 2 billion, or about Rp.27.22 trillion, to charity including donating US $ 100 million to combat the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.

Sara Blakely
Sara Blakely donated US $ 1 million or around Rp. 13.61 billion to Oprah Winfrey’s women’s school in South Africa.

The next few rich people

Warren Buffet
Warren Buffet donated US $ 21.5 billion for charity.

Bill and Melinda Gates
This former rich man donated US $ 27 billion. for diseases such as polio and tuberculosis.

Azim Premji
Azim Premji donated US $ 8 billion or around Rp 108.90 trillion, for teacher training and computer programs.

Mark Zuckerberg and Pricilla
The youngest rich person in the world donated US $ 1.6 billion, or around Rp. 21.78 trillion, to build a San Francisco public hospital.

With a large amount of donations and donations, these billionaires can be considered human heroes.

Without having to be a billionaire, you can be a philanthropist and a hero to others.

The Best and Most Trusted Fundraising Sites

The Best and Most Trusted Fundraising Sites -There is a saying that the hand above is better than the hand below,

which means that we are better to give than we ask.

Helping others, of course, there are many ways that can be done in the form of moral and material,

and sometimes our hearts feel a dilemma or feel guilty because of silence and help even directly is not possible.

Because rarely do we want to help too far, like we are in Jakarta the people we want to contribute are in Papua or in areas outside Jakarta.

Which is where we cannot choose the seven places that are affected or the places we want to help,

but with online donations can make it easier for everyone who wants to help.

The Best and Most Trusted Fundraising Sites

But even though many online donation sites exist in cyberspace, making unscrupulous individuals take advantage of this moment,

like they are creating a fake online fund site to be able to get their personal profit.

If you want to help people who are affected by disaster or help people who can not afford,

such as children who are still out of school or people who are elderly and others.

You must first ensure that the online donation site is true or fake,

you must also look for information about the online donation site so that you are not mistaken in transferring your money to the wrong place.

Trusted Online Donation Sites

Below I will provide the best and most trusted online donation sites, if you have trouble getting the site:
Sharing Happiness atau Rumah Zakat
Aksi Cepat Tanggap
10 IndoKasih

With the site I mentioned above makes you feel safe and to the place of people who need help.

Your help is good for those who cannot afford it, your money is a useful benefit for people who need it.

while the world is currently being hit by disaster, the spread of a deadly virus, all entrepreneurs and companies flocked to contribute as a form of contribution to restore the world back to health and free from current difficulties.

One of the big companies that also contributed is an online gambling site that provides
almost half of the profits to be given to the community.
Gambling is one way and also provides assistance to the wider community and online gambling sites apply it by giving so much as a form of rescue and assistance.

The online gambling site, also known as Bola1388, is the only site that participates in the difficulties faced by the world today and is one of the many companies that want to interfere in the world virus problem.

The Best Site For Fundraising

The Best Site For Fundraising – Fundraising has been done for a noble cause. It’s no longer a difficult thing, raising funds is very easy nowadays. Many online sites provide land for those of you who are raising funds and also for those of you who want to donate without the hassle of finding the right target. Because at these fundraising sites, anyone in need can open a donation for the needs they need, for example for a sick family, a disaster, or even an event.

The Best Site For Fundraising

Funds will be collected into an account that has been determined by the site, and incoming funds will be opened transparently so that donors or the public can see immediately how much funds have been collected.

The following are fundraising sites also include the most one from Indonesia is Gambling Site Online and the biggest fundraising sites Judi Bola :


This one site is one of the online fundraising sites for various events or projects. But on this one site there is a fixed commission of almost 2% participation.


This site is included in one of the fundraiser sites. Not only has a site, but there is an application that can be downloaded to be more easily accessed by the public. This application is engaged as a fundraiser for the cost of education, health, and others. Bringing together millions of donors and organizations to make it easier for joint ventures.

We can

Who does not know this one site. This site is already well-known in Indonesia as a donation site that is widely used by the public to raise funds. And also this site is believed to be the best fundraising site so donors don’t hesitate to make donations on this one site.


Unlike the system with other sites, at goodeed raising funds with an ad. Donors who want to donate can watch ads for only about 20 seconds, so you are counted as a donor. And for those of you who want to raise funds, you can contact the team directly from the Goodeed site.

There are many more fundraising sites that are already operating. And all of them have noble goals in a simpler and faster way.

Creative Ideas for Fundraising

Creative Ideas for Fundraising – Nowadays, fundraising for a purpose has many methods and it is also quite creative. Raising funds by creative means such as events today is more effective than the general way of collecting funds directly. Usually funds from a fundraising event will get the best results because the way it is made with ideas that are quite interesting and does not make donors feel disadvantaged.

Creative Ideas for Fundraising

For those of you who want to open a fundraiser for an interest and need, the following are fundraising ideas that can be a reference for you:

Running Event

This one event can be a reference for those of you who want to raise funds in an interesting way. You can work with running event organizers to help collect donations from the participating runners. It is not new to the organization to make this event as a donor search field.

Birthday Fundraising

This one method has been done for fundraising. This is a concept that is quite effective and unique, if you usually celebrate birthdays for yourself, this one concept is to celebrate birthdays for others in need. Opening a fundraiser for others on birthdays has become a positive idea.

Personal Challenge

What is meant by personal challenge is that fundraisers will create a challenge that they will do if funds are collected. That way the donations can be more eager to raise funds so that the challenge can be done immediately. In other words, fundraisers are willing to harm themselves as long as the funds can be collected for a noble cause.

Selling Goods for Donation Purposes

Selling an item is the most common practice for many organizations. The goods sold can be used but feasible or new items that are deliberately made to be sold so that the profits can be donated for a purpose.

There are still many other ideas that you can do to attract donors to participate.

One of the biggest cost donors is usually among online gambling companies such as Daftar Sbobet because they usually have more money so they can be a lot of money donors.

Effective Ways To Collect Donation Funds

Effective Ways To Collect Donation Funds – Donations are now easier nowadays. Many ways you can do to collect donations. Collecting donations by asking directly without reciprocity is sometimes less desirable because people’s trust in the way has begun to fade.

Effective Ways To Collect Donation Funds

Therefore to raise funds, you must be more creative so that donors can trust and not feel cheated. The following are the most effective ways to raise donations:

Hold Bazzar

Holding a bazzar for a fundraiser is quite a very effective way. You as the organizer can ask for the help of many people to collect items that can be voluntarily donated to be sold at the bazzar. The more goods collected, the more donations will be. The funds obtained from the sale of goods during the bazzar can be used so that donations in the form of money and goods are useful for people in need.

Hold a religious or cultural activity

Organizing a religious or cultural activity can also be an effective way to raise donations. For example, by holding an art performance such as poetry, dance, songs or it could be by performing a recitation of the Koran. The show will bring in a lot of visitors so that at the end of the event you can do a fundraiser.


Advertising has also become one of the best choices for those of you who want to raise funds. You can place advertisements in various media by including the purpose of collecting these funds.

Ask for help to an institution

To request fundraising assistance from an institution does have a fairly formal procedure such as submitting a proposal for a request for donations. In this proposal you are required to specify the budget required for donations, the rights and obligations of both parties, and the donation mechanism. If you want to hold a donation event by inviting the institution to participate, you can give an attractive offer to the institution or company so they both have the advantage.

And one of the installations that you can get help with is the installation of the world’s online gambling companies, such as gambling which includes Official Online Poker or other online gambling because they have a substantial source of money.

Some Purpose of Fundraising

Some Purpose of Fundraising – In a life, helping one another is something that humans must do. Kindness is always taught in all religions, so that the matter of helping must indeed be applied as the best way to live a peaceful life.

Not everyone experiences the same fate, which is luck. There is a period that determines how each person’s life every day. There is a term that is often spoken by many people as a reminder of a life, namely “the wheel continues to spin” so that you are reminded that during that life will continue to change and use the best time possible.

Some Purpose of Fundraising

Talking about life and aid, let’s talk a bit about the purpose of fundraising assistance that is often done by various organizations. Many people still feel confused about the purpose of fundraising that is often held. The following are the usual objectives for fundraising reasons.

School Construction

As you know, education is very important for young people in all countries. In this way, learning facilities and infrastructure must be adequate so that generations can study seriously and actively without obstacles. Many schools have not been touched by the government so that school buildings are not feasible, and usually fundraisers will raise funds to help build the school.

Sick person

This is one of the reasons and objectives of fundraising. Fundraising is often aimed at people who are staying overnight and are not getting proper treatment. Fundraising is usually for treatment so that the disease can be cured and the person can live a better life.


Usually fundraisers who aim for orphans will donate directly to a foundation that houses orphans.


Fundraising can also be done for a disaster. The purpose of organizations that raise funds for disaster victims is to collect aid piecemeal from good people who want to donate but do not have the right plan. Usually disaster victim assistance can be with funds, or items needed.